Advanced Computing Facility (ACF)

The Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) is a partnership between the Joint Institute of Computational Sciences (JICS), the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK), the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and other partners. This partnership represents an investment into research computing by the partner sites to provide a balanced set of resources including compute nodes with a high-performance interconnect, a multi-petabyte high performance parallel file system, high-performance data transfer nodes, and 100 gigabit bandwidth network connectivity.


The ACF provides researchers with a computing ecosystem optimized to support their scientific goals. The initial ACF will combine the existing Beacon cluster and Lustre file system from JICS along with the storage, Sigma, Rho, and Monster nodes of the Newton program from UTK. Investments from institutions or individual researchers into the ACF will give priority access to the entire ACF ecosystem. Effective support is a key feature of the ACF. Operation, technical, and scientific support are available for users of the ACF. The support encompasses technical, domain, and system assistance. Researchers wishing to include the ACF in their proposals have access to domain expertise that can provide grant writing assistance.

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