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About the CSURE project

The Computational Science for Undergraduate Research Experience (CSURE) REU site project will direct a group of undergraduate students to explore the emergent computational science models and techniques proven to work in a number of data and compute intensive applications using the supercomputers at the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The CSURE program will give students a synergetic set of knowledge and skills they need to begin using computational methods, as well as provide each student an intensive research experience with a faculty or laboratory mentor.

The program focuses on five different scientific domains: chemistry and material sciences, systems biology, engineering mechanics, atmospheric sciences, and parallel solvers on emergent platforms. The program for each summer will start with a two-week intensive introduction to the supercomputing environment and the computational methods and tools in the focus areas selected for that summer. Each pair of students will then be assigned a project appropriate for their background and skill level in which they will solve a computational modeling problem under the supervision of a team of mentors and advisors. Activities will include meetings and discussions with project personnel, including graduate students, group presentations and feedback sessions, attendance at research seminars, and a final report and public presentation.

Details of the CSURE-REU program is summarized in this paper presented in XSEDE16.

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