JICS Organizational Chart

Office of the Director Anthony Mezzacappa - Director Gregory Peterson - Deputy Director Donna Wilkerson - Sr. Staff Administrator Angie Chance - Administrative Specialist Administration Terrie Cassidy - Admin. Specialist/Travel Donald Reed Advisory Council Intel Parallel Computing Center Anthony Mezzacappa - Director R. Brook - Deputy Director Jian Huang, Jeremy Smith Application Acceleration Center of Excellence (AACE) R. Brook - Director Chad Burdyshaw, Mitch Horton Industrial Partnerships Suzy Tichenor Project and Technology Council R. Brook - Chief Technology Officer Victor Hazlewood - Chief Operating Officer Computational Research Areas Computational Biology and Bioinformatics O.Adebali, J.Baudry, A.Fleetwood, I.Jouline, E.P.Mojica, J.Smith, A.Upadhyay Computational Chemistry A.Beste, M.Goswami, C.Pan, B.G.Sumpter, L.Vlcek, D.Wesolowski Computer Science and Software W.Grice, J.Huang, S.Klasky, J.Logan, G.Peterson, P.Pfeiffer, J.Sherrod, D.Ussery Computational and Applied Mathematics G.Ostrouchov, C.Webster, Y.Xing Computational Engineering Y.Braiman, T.Erwin, J.Fu, Y.Gao, R.Glasby, D.Keffer, K.Odbadrakh, S.Pannala, D.Stefanski, M.Stocks, S.TerMaath, K.L.Wong, S.Wood Computational Physics E.Lentz, A.Mezzacappa, J.Schaake, K.Yakunin XSEDE Gregory Peterson - PI Victor Hazlewood - Dep. Dir., SP Coord. Scott Wells - Project Manager Terrie Cassidy, Jason Charcalla, Lonnie Crosby, Hong Liu, Rick Mohr, Gary Rogers, Tabitha Samuel, John Walsh, Bobby Whitten JICS Associated ORNL Staff Warren Grice, George Ostrouchov, Sreekanth Pannala, Malcolm Stocks, Bobby G. Sumpter, David Ussery, David Wesolowski JICS Associated UT Faculty Jerome Baudry, Yehuda Braiman, Joshua Fu, Yanfei Gao, Igor Jouline, David Keffer, Anthony Mezzacappa, Gregory Peterson, Jeremy Smith, Stephanie TerMaath, Clayton Webster, Kwai L. Wong, Yulong Xing Student Interns Jun Wang Campus and Research Programs Lonnie Crosby - Director Kwai L. Wong - Deputy Director NICS Office of the Director Gregory Peterson - Director Donna Wilkerson - Sr. Staff Administrator Angie Chance - Administrative Specialist User Assistance Bobby Whitten - Group Leader Education, Outreach and Training HPC Operations Tabitha Samuel - Group Leader Jason Charcalla, Hong Liu, Rick Mohr, Gary Rogers, John Walsh Scientific Computing Lonnie Crosby - Group Leader Kwai L. Wong